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FOODCOMMANDER is a showcase for a new, original cooking show. Watch it now on YouTube.

"The Fran Lebowitz of Food Writing":
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There is no such thing as "healthy food".
There also is no such thing as "unhealthy food".
There is only bad food and good food and excellent food,
and good eating habits and bad eating habits.
That's all.

Questions? Post them on The Foodcommander's facebook page. He'll respond swiftly with firm instructions.

Watch The Foodcommander's vintage cooking show on youtube to learn something. There are currently 13 episodes uploaded.

Episode 1: First Came the Chicken
Episode 2: Salad Days
Episode 3: When the Cookie Bakes Twice
Episode 4: Hold on to that Basil!
Episode 5: Slay the Old Slaw!
Episode 6: All Souped Up!
Episode 7: Double Dipping
Episode 8: Two for Cocktails
Episode 9: Semisweet and Beaten
Episode 10: Gingerly Quenching
Episode 11: Like Grains of Sand
Episode 12: The Battle of the Shrimp
Episode 13: What's at Steak

Bonus: Bloopers and Outtakes

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